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27 Mar 12

A wonderful HypnoBirthing Poem

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Written by Naomi Hits: 2775

To all the HypnoBirth Worthing Mummies and daddies out there!

You're having a baby, how fantastic to know
That for 40 (or so) weeks your baby will grow
Safe within your nourishing womb
Embedded there now, just watch you bloom

You're responsible now for a new little life
Soon you're booked in with the local midwife
Tests and measurements, nutrition advice
A date is given but it won't be precise

Because a baby comes when it's ready we know
Some babies come quicker, some babies are slow
But come it will, so for YOUR birthing day
You decided to see if there's a better way

Hypnobirthing you thought, now that sounds great!
So with HypnoBirth Worthing, you made a date
Then you both came along, each week to class
You're amazed at how fast, 4 weeks can pass

You learn relaxing and breathing, visualisation too
Positions, affirmations and birth plans review
Anatomy, physiology, and hormone release
Baby bonding and nurturing and inner peace

You listen to music, and watch birth DVD's
Birth companion learns their role, to support and to please
As mothers advocate, their role is important no doubt
With knowledge and confidence, in control throughout,

Between classes you practise calm and surge breathing
Bouncing on your birthing ball during the evening
Perennial massage oh and light touch too
Shoulder anchors and poems, there's so much to do

To achieve the safe, calm and comfortable birth you deserve
When the birth show arrives you won't loose your nerve
When your surges begin it won't be so frightening
No pain will you feel, just pressure and tightening

While thinning and opening, you'll patiently wait
When offered intervention, there'll be no debate
A natural birth, like your body's designed for, indeed
For pain relief you'll find much less of a need

Relaxed and controlled when baby's head comes to crown
You'll picture your rose and you'll breathe baby down
Pulsating cord lies still, before clamping and cutting
Releasing your baby for skin to skin cuddling

Your baby is here - you're alert and elated
For this special moment, so long you have waited
Baby's arrived so perfect, so calm
And now lays contented in parents arms

So now when friends ask for YOUR birthing story
You can smile to yourself then bask in the glory
Of a fulfilling birth, and I hope you will say
I know just the person, there is a better way!

Congratulations on your beautiful bundle of pure joy
I am so happy to have been a part of your journey
And a warm welcome to baby
what a lucky boy/girl she/he is!

This wonderful poem is by the very talented, Linda Wardlaw
@ BirthMattersMK

Thankyou for allowing me to share Linda. X

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