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01 Jun 12

Mothers love to all mothers

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On my way home from the preschool run today, I bumped into a mummy friend, it was just a quick catch up but as we parted and I reflected on our conversation I wish I'd had time to say some more so I thought I'd blog about it instead whilst Lenny naps and I have a cup of tea.

When I enquired how my friend was she replied "oh you know, good days and bad, depending on how much sleep we've all had!" Now this mummy has two wee one's under 3 so I totally empathised with her. It seemed she was down and wished I given her a hug and told her that tomorrow would be a better day.

Being a mother is the toughest job in the world, you can argue with me all you like, but I am not budging on this. Despite what some people may think, the days are relentless and not spent skipping through daisy filled fields and being a lady that eats out for lunch (well, unless you count leftover sandwich crusts from the kids' packed lunch).

I have been on big journey as a mother recently. My life has become so unrecognisable that I'll admit i've struggled emotionally with the transition from being a high flying career working mum to a mum of 3 under 5 trying to squeeze running a successful HypnoBirthing practise into the mix but I consider myself so fortunate that I found a vocation that I am so passionate about, all the sacrifices are entirely worthwhile.

A few weeks ago I attended the BabyCalm conference and was lucky another to spend some time with lots of inspirational mothers, Naomi Stadlen one of them. During Naomi's talk very participative open discussion there was so much honesty about the highs and lows of mothering that I found so therapeutic to hear. It's been a huge turning point for my adventures in parenting, to know that I am not alone in my frustrations, stresses & melt down moments (and that's me – not the kids!). There's a whole nation out there with me!

Like birth preparation classes there is not a one size fits all approach to mothering but if you'd like to explore more about all the facets of being a mother, the highs & lows, the struggles, the smiles and the woes. I can highly, highly recommend Naomi's two books – "What Mothers Do" and "How Mothers Love" Both fascinating insights into real mothers and mothering. These are not parenting manuals but explorations into how amazing a mother you are, you just might not have realised it yet.

cover how mothers love


Naomi and I share more than just a name. I genuinely care about mothers and their experiences & emotions which is why I organise so many free events to get us socialising and talking. (You don't have to be a HypnoBirthing parent to come along – they are open to all)

So to all mummies (and daddies too – I know there are lots of daddies that are very involved in raising their families) give yourself a hug from me, if you are having a bad day, tomorrow will be better, you are doing an amazing job, your children adore you regardless, have a nice cup of tea and hopefully look forward to some special family times over this lovely bank holiday weekend.

Big HypnoBirthing love from Naomi X

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