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27 Jun 12

What Hypnobirthing isn't.....

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Written by Naomi Hits: 2572

Every time I hear another astonishing myth about what people believe Hypnobirthing is, I shake my head with despair.... It's no wonder that the majority of pregnant couples dismiss it as not for them.  There is so much misleading information and urban myths out there.

So today, rather than focusing on what Hypnobirthing is..... I am going to try and communicate what HypnoBirthing isn't..... and attempt to break down some mystery surrounding HypnoBirthing.

So lets dehypnotise HypnoBirthing and see if I can make it clear what we are NOT!

Hypnobirthers birth in silence!

So the first myth out there I've heard is that mums need to birth in silence! Having had three babies myself I have found this to be impossible despite being super relaxed. I always tell couples that noise can be good.  Your body may need to make some wonderful sounds you've never heard before.  Infact this I used this intuitive chanting (alongside some mooing!) during all of my births.  If you are making a noise then your jaw and mouth will be relaxed which will enable your pelvic floor to also be relaxed as the two areas are linked - We talk a lot more about this during the birth preparation classes.  Also noise does not always equal suffering.

Hypnobirthing is Anti Medicine

This is the most common misconception that couples bring to my Hypnobirthing classes.  Nothing could be further from the truth! We celebrate the amazing medical system that we have here in the UK that routinely saves mothers & babies' lives.  With all the HypnoBirthing in all the world, some mothers and babies will require that assistance and then thank goodness we have modern medicine to assist. 

However, what we do through the Hypnobirthing birth preparation programme is to give couples the confidence to be able to establish whether the medicine is or isn't required.  As we are anti using medicine for convenience.  We discuss in a lot of detail the benefits of natural methods such as "hugs before drugs" so that Hypnobirthing couples approach their births confident that they have the skills to make good informed decisions around the medical approach.

Hypnobirthing is a cult!

I personally am very passionate about creating a positive, safe place for couples to foster friendships and help spread the truth about Birth.  Is that a cult? I prefer to think of it as friendship groups or a community.  It's amazing to watch couples especially dads who were so sceptical about HypnoBirthing go on a huge journey and they end up having really powerful birthing experiences and become huge advocates for Hypnobirthing.... It's no wonder they want to tell everyone about their positive experience.  Better that than scare them with a horror story.  Cult, No... Community & Friends... Yes!

Hypnobirthing sounds weird/alternative/freaky!

I get a lot of feedback especially from dads that the HypnoBirthing label is very off putting.  It sets it up for being a bit wacky.  Couples are always reassured to find that I am "normal".  I'm never really sure what they were expecting! However, I don't wear tie dye, burn josh sticks or even eat whole wheat mung bean sandwiches (thanks Steve Wright!).  I am a normal mum of 3 who has a background working for a one of the world's biggest brands who has discovered that birth is something totally different to what I was brought up to believe.  I have learnt that birth is a normal bodily function and I get a huge buzz about educating couples about how to work with their bodies and hormones rather than against it.  I help couples to work through their fears and axieties surrounding birthing and parenting to help the body work better.  Does that sound wierd or wacky? I hope not.

There's too much to remember to "do" Hypnobirthing

Another common myth.  You cannot "do" Hypnobirthing.  Hypnobirthing is a philosophy backed up with a set of techniques.  Hypnobirthing is a birth preparation programme that prepares couples to allow themselves to go confidently with nature's flow on their birthing day.  With proper preparation a woman's body can function perfectly, resulting in a positive birth experience.  Hypnobirthing shows couples how the birthing body works, how the mind affects the birthing body and provides skills to practise at home so that on the big day they have the self belief and can "let go" and let the body birth the way it knows how as they have released all the fears and negative programming surrounding it.

Hypnosis isn't for me

There are a lot of misconceptions surrouding the hypnosis element of the course.  Some common fears surrounding Hypnonis are that the participant will be made to do something against their will, give up information they don't want to divulge, even dance like a chicken like they've seen on stage show on holiday.

Hypnobirthing couples are always relieved to learn that all hynosis is an everyday state of mind that we all experience every day..... when we get "lost" in a great book or stare at a flame... those hazy moments between being sleep and awake.... forgetting how we drove to work.

Hypnosis allows inward focus which helps a mother go "into her zone"  It's simply relaxing very deeply and having focussed attention.  Birthing companions usually go on to love this part of the course as it's so rare for us to give our minds a break and truely relax.  It can be very enjoyable to switch off.

Don't be scared of hypnosis.... There are no swinging pedulmns, I can't make you do anything you don't want to and you may even find you like it and look forward to it once you allow yourself to discover how powerful your mind can be.

So I hope that this information helps you see through the incorrect rumours that you may have heard.  It's totally normal and fine to be sceptical.  Most couples are before they begin their Hypnobirthing preparation.  If you'd like to talk to me more about your concerns or worries, why not come along to a FREE Hypnobirthing taster evening held on the last Thursday of every month where I'll happily share the truth with you so can make up your own mind whether it's for you based on facts!

Big Hypnobirthing Love from Naomi <3







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