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30 Aug 12

BabyCalm comes to Sussex

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I am so proud and excited to be the first BabyCalm teacher here in Sussex.  I am really looking forward to expanding my HypnoBirthing practise to be able to offically help new parents in finding their inner parenting confidence and be able to soothe and understand their babies.  Happy parents = Happy babies!

For a long time now the HypnoBirthing couples that I worked with told me that they felt very prepared for their births but totally overwhelmed and without tools or techniques to guide them through early parenting.

I've had a real adventure in parenting with my 3 wee ones and have learnt an awful lot from them. Through trial and error I have finally learnt to trust my own mothering instincts and follow the same principles as I teach in HypnoBirthing.  Trust, Breathe and Relax.

For me BabyCalm is a very exciting way to help new parents by introducing them their baby's world either before or after it's arrival so that parents feel empowered to make good informed gentle parenting choices.

I will be offering antenatal courses for couples to arm themselves with skills to be able to care for their babies in the calmest ways or a 4 week course just for mums and babies which is safe, non judgemental discussion group for new mums to discuss the highs and lows of motherhood where we also cover off - understanding a babies needs, crying, sleeping, soothing, calming alongside some light touch therapy for baby's (very simple baby massage) and baby's development stages.  I will also be providing yummy cakes and refreshments so that mums are able to relax in my homely enviroment for a couple of hours each week.

Please call me or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07717 842448 or look at my teachers page here for more details - i'd love to talk with you! 



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