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08 Nov 12

Another moving Hypnobirthing story telling night

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Written by Naomi Hits: 2471

Last Monday a group of expectant Hypnobirthing mummies (and Jay! - Huge respect to Jay for being the one man in the room again!) gathered round my place for an evening of sharing wonderfully uplifting and positive HypnoBirthing stories.

Four gorgeous HypnoBirthing mothers graced us with their presence, experience and useful Hypnobirthing advice. We were all very grateful to them for finding the time to share their magical moments with us.  They did all admit that they were very keen to relive their special labours and births while helping to inspire a room full of pregnant ladies as they remembered clearly how nervous and unsure they all felt before their Hypnobirthing adventures began.

Renee shared the joy of her long but empowering homebirth proving that a lengthy birth does not always equal a negative experience.  Hypnobirthing helped Renee and Steve remain calm throughout their two day adventure achieving their dream home birth with the power of patience and confidence in nature.

Louise told us all about her two Hypnobirthing labours and three births - yes she had HypnoBirthing twins! Her 1st Hypnobaby was born drug free using HypnoBirthing despite being induced demonstrating that being induced does not mean that you have to throw away everything that you learn from HypnoBirthing.  Her second HypnoBirth for her twins was a moving story as she described how she slept between surges before breathing her two babies down in a very short space of time - her consultant couldn't believe it!

Selina remembered her unplanned home birth experience that concluded with her daughter being born in the bath - with water in (despite being told to empty it as she remembered another HypnoBirthing mummy, Tegan, telling her story about giving birth in the bath) Selina birth was very quick and easy, so much so, that it felt totally surreal for her to be tucked up in bed only 6 hours after her 1st surge.

Bronte also shared with us her powerful birthing experiences - one non-hypno birth and then a subsequent Hypnobirth.  Bronte's dramatic birth experience taught the importance of trusting one's instinct and staying calm however your birth plays out for you and that with proper preparation and mindset you can have a positive experience even when special circumstances arise.  Bronte truly believes that Hypnobirthing saved her baby's life.

It was a incredibly moving and inspirational evening.  All the expectant Hypnomummies raved about how useful hearing the stories "live" had been.  These story telling nights are my favourites to organise as to me they capture everything that Hypnobirthing is about.... Helping real women relate to other similar ladies who've had hugely positive birth experiences and once mummies change theirs minds about how they will give birth and trust themselves and their bodies they are 99% there!  Hearing great birth stories is the best affirmation possible..... Women can visualise themselves having the same experience.

My next Hypnobirthing story night will be Monday 14th January where I hope that lots of the mummies with bumps will be the ones sharing their brilliant stories to a room full of new expectant Hypnobirthing mummies.

The evening was literally overspilling with super positive vibes and energy that we thought that one Hypnomummy had gone into labour! It was just a practise run however and baby arrived later in the week!

Which brings me round to the very important task of catching up with the abundance of Hypnobirthing birth announcements and congratulations that I need to share!

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