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Emma, Tom & Ella's Hypnobirth Story

ellaEmma's 3rd baby - A painfree arrival, without stiches!

1st Hypnobirth experience and our baby 1st born at home 

Hi Naomi,

Am currently sat in bed baby gazing and so so happy, she's utterly divine!

We're both sorry you weren't there, but by the time things heated up events over took and we completely forgot to call.

My surges started at 5.30am and they kept up all day, I managed to get a little kip around noon and it was all super chilled. The surges kicked up a notch around 6pm and were coming every 5 mins. 2 midwives arrived at 8 ish, both incredible; one had newly qualified the other more experienced. I was examined and stupidly insisted on being told the results. Tom feels bad as he felt he should have been bossier with me, but I don't regret it as I was already quite surprised I'd been labouring for so long given Aidan's birth was so quick, only 4 hours from start to finish.

I was only 3 cm, but my midwife was great and said to dismiss it as I was clearly the type to suddenly go really quickly. The surges were so strong at this point but was using the slow breathing and getting through it ok, Tom was great with the prompts and I found them so powerful.

I got in the pool around 9 ish and it was fab and maxed out for 3 hours, during this time my surges slowed in frequency but not intensity. I was examined at 12.30 with my complete agreement and no pressure. The poor midwife didn't want to share results but again I insisted which although if I did it again I would've relinquished control to Tom as it was disheartening to know I'd only gone to 4 cm, again the midwives were really encouraging and said not to worry and that it would be best to move around if that's what I wanted, which I did as felt the need to get active.

It did the trick as the surges came thick and fast and like with Aidan I was ready to breathe down in no time, this last hour or so was when the magic of hypno birthing really happened. I went into myself, had a truly spiritual experience. Don't get me wrong, labour is still what it says on the tin but my power to cope overwhelms me still. I was standing in the bathroom when I knew it was time to breathe her down - I'd been a bit sceptical as to how this transition would naturally happen, but blimey it did!

I felt an immense sense of calm and euphoria that I would soon meet my girl, guided by Tom I simply breathed her down feeling her slowly emerge without any pain or the so called "ring of fire". she was out in 2 gentle surges!

The midwife sat me on the loo and I was handed my angel. She needed a good rub to get her awake she was so chilled! Tom cut the cord and I spent the next 4/5 hours skin to skin with her, she fed for 4 hours straight!

The midwives were amazed at the lack of blood loss and I was overjoyed that I didn't need any stitches and could pee without stinging!!!!

All in all it's been the most wonderful experience of my life and I have you and hypno birthing to thank for empowering us to be masters of our own destiny, fight society's conditioning and create an event that we're still reaping the benefits of. Ella is such a chilled contented baby and we're all amazed at how alert and responsive she is. The "secret life of the unborn child" had it right when it said about infants being able to pick out their father's voice from within the first few hours of life. Tom read the rainbow script almost every day and it has had such a profound effect on how they've bonded.

I could gush on and on, but really wanted to let you know how well it all went for us. Pop over for tea and cuddles whenever suits.

Much love, Emma xxxx

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