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Caz, Sean & Evie's Hypnobirth Story

evie rose stanbridge hypnobirthQuick and easy homebirth for their 2nd baby

The morning that Evie Rose Stanbridge arrived I woke up felling an urgency to use the toilet for no 2's! So I practised my J breathing. This happened twice more within the hour so it gave me plenty of J breathing practice!

I began to experience some surges from 5am. These came every 5 mins, as I'd planned for a home birth I remained calm, relaxed and comfortable in my own bed listening to my Hypnobirthing CD's. At 7am when my surges were 3 minutes apart we informed the hospital who advised someone would be with us by 9am.

I continued to remain comfortable in my bed whilst my husband Shaun had the task of preparing and filling the birthing pool for our pending baby girl.

At 9am my waters broke and at 9.15am the midwife & a trainee midwife arrived who were very respectful of my Hypnobirthing. The midwife examined me straight away and at my own decision I got into the birthing pool. At this point I was 7cm dilated, very calm and relaxed.

At 9.45 things continued to be controlled and peaceful and as things were progressing very quickly the midwife called for the second midwife from the hospital. It was now 10.30am and the second midwife had arrived. By this time Evie's head was making an appearance and urges to breathe her out were beginning to take over.

At 10.51 she made her full appearance wanting to go straight on my breast for feeding. She was calm, alert and a beautiful colour. She had a good feed and there was no rush at all to get out the pool.

My husband cut the cord and at my request I got out the pool and delivered the placenta on the toilet.

I had no problems throughout my birth and NO PAIN RELIEF required. I

I thoroughly enjoyed our experience of our home hypnobirth and as a result I have a healthy happy calm baby daughter.

Thank you so much for teaching us all about Hypnobirthing. You are a star and a great teacher! I will always be willing to tell my great story of Evie's birth.

All our love

Caz & Shaun X


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