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Hannah, Paul & Finley's Hypnobirth

rupert's hypnobirth worthing storyHypnoBirthing gives them confidence to remain at home and have a wonderful experience for their 1st baby

Finley Mayer born 15th October 08:46 am at home weighing 7lb 3oz. A few months into my pregnancy it began to hit me that the baby I was carrying was going to enter this world and it my job to deliver it as best I could. Although I knew that it was inevitable and everyone does it, it still left me with sense of uncertainty and unease that would I be able to cope, and how traumatic would it be. I had heard stories from friends and family and their horrendous times and seen the stereotypical images and films of pain and panic. I was aware it would be hard work as my mother said to me it will be the toughest job you do but well worth the experience. Needless to say it still left me feeling anxious. At the very beginning of the Hypnobirthing classes we were sceptical of what we were going to achieve. However very quickly these doubts were put to rest with the more we learnt about the approach and processes of the classes and the feelings of ease we took form the teachings. Our HB lessons were within a group which we found very useful and often reassuring that our anxieties matched others. Often the "homework" exercises were useful as they meant we had to take time out and talk through our anxieties and our ideal birthing plan, which we perhaps would not have allocated set times as much if we had not done the course.

The most helpful part of the course for both of us was the relaxation techniques and using the CD. We used the CD throughout our birthing experience and felt that it was profound in keeping the mood and mum very calm and in the zone.... We used the CD most night before bed to achieve an ultimate state of relaxation and actually felt it helped us sleep better. It was reassuring to be taught by someone that had followed and experienced the course and been able to use it through her delivery. It made it seem possible and a realistic goal that a moving and controlled experience could be achieved. Having been through the course and practising the techniques as best we could, we felt more in control and relaxed about the experience. We felt we were armed with the necessary tools to achieve our goal.

When our big day (night) arrived it was with great relief. We had been set on a home birth and at 8 days late we were cutting it fine. The midwife had told us if there were no signs within the next 48 hours I must be induced and would not be allowed the home birth we wished for. I had already refused a couple of procedures to initiate something however we felt that we needed to be calm and things would start when the wished.... As soon as we were aware that the labour had started we used the CD to create a calm mood. Once I felt that things had become more intense and I was assessed, I began to feel anxious. The midwife had said that I had progressed very well and was surprised at how calm and relaxed I appeared. At this point we found out that Finn was positioned back to back and it was going to make the delivery difficult. I was given the option to go into hospital as they felt it sometimes required more help and pain relief as they tend to be longer deliveries. However with their support, we all agreed that we would proceed with our intended plan. We continued with our visualisation techniques and the music which helped hugely at creating ease. It took a little longer than expected, but at 08:46am our baby boy was born at home after 9 hours with mum, dad and baby on the sofa minutes after admiring our new son . We felt that had we not done the course we would have panicked. But by using the techniques we felt it gave us the confidence to feel in control. Even the midwives allowed us to follow our plans and techniques without pressure or interference.

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