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Melanie, Jeremy & Joshua's Hypnobirth Story

joshua's hypnobirth worthing storyHypnobirthing helps 1st time mum and midwive Mel to focus for her home birth

Melanie, Jeremy and Joshua- Our Birth Story!

40+4 weeks pregnant

At approx 18:30 on the 6th January 2011, we just had dinner. Jeremy said i looked flushed in the face- i didn't feel hot so thought it was odd- most probably a rush of

hormones. At 20:30 i began to feel mild "period-like" discomfort so I decided to rest in bed. At 22:30 the discomfort was becoming worse and by 22:40 i realised i had my 1st contraction. I text Rachel and Louise (my colleagues and midwives) to inform them i had begun to "niggle" and will wait to see how things progressed overnight. From then the niggles were becoming more frequent and i had to lie down on the bed. I used breathing techniques through each "surge" (contraction) that were taught to me at hypnobirthing classes and was calm breathing in between. I told Jeremy that i felt things were moving on quickly and we decided to time each surge. Some were 5-6 minutes apart lasting 90 seconds. I didn't realise how long each were (I thought they were a lot shorter) as i remained completely focused on breathing slowly and calmly.

40+5 weeks on 7th January 2011

At 2:00am i had made a decision to ask Rachel to come and see me as i was becoming increasingly uncomfortable and felt i needed support. I could not get hold of Rachel but i did manage to speak to Louise and said she would come over if i could not get hold of Rachel. At 02:30 Louise made her way over. Rachel rang me at 03:00 and i explained the situation. She rushed over.

At about 3:20am Louise arrived- shortly followed by Rachel. Rachel assessed me and told me i was 8-9cms dilated with the head at +1 to the spines (very low down). I felt very relieved at this point and quickly got into the lovely pool that Jez had been filling up for me! It was an amazing sensation to feel the pressures of labour being relieved by the lovely warm water. Shortly after i got in the pool the surges became more uncomfortable and i thought i would try my breathing with the gas and air for some relief. I did not like the gas and air as i felt all it did is dry the back of my throat. I continued with breathing without the gas and i felt much more in control.

At about 4:30am i was feeling a lot of pressure and Gail was called to attend the delivery as the 2nd NHS midwife (as Louise is independent). As the surges progressed i continued breathing and found myself "jay breathing" when i felt the urge to bear down. I remember feeling more uncomfortable as the head was descending and becoming vocal with the breathing but at he same time felt very much in control. Jeremy occasionally prompted me to relax and not clench my jaw which I felt was a natural thing to do, but the prompting really helped to bring me back in control.

I drifted off into deep relaxation in between surges. I realised when i hit the transition period of labour as it was a lot harder to stay in control.

I continued to stay calm, focused and positive...then began to get stronger urges to bear down and "went with my body's signals". If i needed to push i did whilst i

'jay breathed' my baby out.

At 7:38am on the 7th January 2011 i lifted my baby boy out of the water and onto my chest. He was born in good condition. We named him Joshua Michael Lambert. Daddy cut the cord. Mummy ended up with having no stitches and had minimal blood loss. Joshua latched on the breast without any prompting.

He is the most beautiful and amazing thing Jeremy and i have ever done and now we finally get to meet our son and will look forward to a long and happy life together. Xxx

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