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Emma, Matt & Rupert's Hypnobirth Story

rupertA fantastically quick and easy birth at St Richards, Chichester - another big baby, 9lb 13oz - no problemo! Emma's 1st baby.

Rupert James Palmer born at Chichester Hospital on Sunday 10th July at 9:10pm weighing in at a whopping 9lb13!

The story goes as follows... 40+5

Ever since the estimated date I had started to use natural remedies to try and bring on labour - raspberry tea, curry, hypnobirthing techniques, affirmations and of course, sex! I was not concerned about being heavily pregnant. I never felt I 'wanted it out of me' like some women experience, I just didn't particularly want to be induced. The night before the big day I took the most relaxing bath, with music and hypnobirthing affirmations. It was blissful and I was totally relaxed and felt ready to meet little one if it happened.

We were invited to dinner at my brother in law's Sunday eve, and I said I was happy to make a pudding and bring it along. So I went about planning a cream cheese and raspberry brownie desert! I went to Waitrose in the morning and happily went about getting ingredients, with no signs at all. I started making brownie pud at about 2pm, and started to feel a very slight ache that would come and go - but could easily have been stomach ache and not obviously anything like surges. It wasn't at all painful, just noticeable. I was so focused on following the recipe I didn't think anything of it! My husband Matt spent the afternoon clearing the garden and helping a friend with numerous trips to the tip (highly glamorous), and on his last trip I asked him to be quite quick coming home.

By 5pm it was clearer that I was indeed having surges, as they were coming and going with more clarity. I asked Matt to start timing them on the contraction App he had downloaded. From then I was watching TV and starting my breathing, yoga and swiss ball moves- although it was impossible to find a position that alleviated the sensations. The hypnobirth and yoga breathing techniques were amazing and gave me a real focus during this period.

By 7pm I thought it was time to call the hospital. I spoke to the nurse who asked a series of questions (I found it quite strange to be answering questions, when I knew she was trying to assess my state by listening to me have a surge!) Due to hypnobirthing techniques, it is possible to appear calmer than anticipated and she suggested that I stay home and take paracetamol. I wasn't convinced this was right and said we were coming over anyway, which they were happy with too. So Matt loaded the car and we were on our way. I closed my eyes for the whole journey and went inward to focus on my breathing (4 and 8 and deep slow counting to 10, in and out, through surges) and hypnobirthing visualisations, which kept me calm and positive through surges.

On arrival at the hospital we found that sadly the Birthing Centre was full, although someone was due to leave and I might be able to get in after. They put me in the labour ward where I waited for a midwife. I had a lovely midwife arrive to explain shifts were just at change over and she said it would be best to wait for the next one, as she didn't want inconsistency. I was standing up and holding Matts arms while breathing deeply at this stage - I bearly had time for one breath between surges and then the midwife said she would just check my dilation before handing over, considering how quickly they were occurring. I was 7cm! I was so pleased, mainly that they wouldn't send me home at this stage!

Due to how far I had gone, the birth centre was not an option and instead they arranged the pool in the labour ward for me to use, as desired in my birth plan. I remember the pool was ready really quickly, and following a few breaths of gas and air, I was able to get into the pool! It was heaven. The temp was perfect and I moved around to the handle end and stretched out! I was probably in the pool for an hour before Rupert was born. Jane, the midwife, was amazing. She encouraged me and facilitated a calm and easy birth from here - in addition to Rupert who never showed signs of distress and did a text book job! When he emerged, the cord was wrapped around his head, but was not tight and it was unravelled quickly. We enjoyed immediate skin to skin and I remember thinking how beautiful and smooth his skin was! Although a little blue (which I was prepared for), I could feel his warmth and heart beat, so it is not so concerning. I was allowed to stay in the pool for a while just holding him before needing to come out. Matt then got a chance to cuddle our new little boy skin to skin and I received 6 little stitches.

We took advantage of the private room option at Chichester hospital, and spent our first night as a family together, which was fantastic. I requested to stay in for another day to ensure the breastfeeding was working (I would recommend anyone do this, I would never have achieved this without their help). On Tuesday morning we left the hospital and are delighted with our little bruiser!

Thank you Naomi for all your great hypno sessions, and the detail you go into when explaining labour processes. The breathing techniques really are the key ladies! I feel Hypnobirthing was truly valuable mental preparation for labour and coping with such a significant life event. I would encourage all future mums to look up hypnobirths on You tube. Top tip - It is a good idea to try neck pillows in hospital birth pools - We were miraculously organised enough to get one, which turned out to be a God send and highly commended by the midwife.

Good luck to all the mummies on their births!!

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