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Sarah, Dave & Frankie's Hypnobirth Story

frankieThey arrive at Worthing Hospital.... Just in time! 

My birth story 

In the beginning...

I'll be honest, I hated being pregnant. From the moment I found out, my life changed completely. Being a self-confessed party girl and lover of alcohol, I soon discovered how much my life revolved around drinking, and how much now hated drunk people. Coping with the tiredness and hangover feeling whilst trying to get my head around the enormity of what was happening was overwhelming. Whilst on yet another sober night out, I got chatting to Naomi who was telling me all about hypnobirthing – her new found passion. "Great," I thought, "someone else with yet more advice for me", but I looked into it, and being petrified at the thought of childbirth, I decided it was worth a go.

The course...

I decided to go for the private classes, as the idea about sharing my thoughts and discussing childbirth with a group of strangers didn't appeal to me. Initially Dave and I said I would do the course on my own as he was working 7 days, and after all it was me giving birth. As it turned out he didn't have to work on the day of the first class and we went together. We both really enjoyed the first class, although watching a birth was still daunting. Naomi made us both feel comfortable and was so enthusiastic about pregnancy and birth, we both left the class on a high, excited about the prospect of our birthing day. I listened to the rainbow relaxation every day, practised the breathing and downloaded other relaxation scripts. By the end of the course I was finally enjoying being pregnant, and feeling positive and confident about the birth.

D day....

So like many other women, my due date came and went without the arrival of our baby. However I didn't mind too much as I knew it wouldn't be long and that baby would start his journey when ready, plus I'd been having backache and diarrhoea so was convinced baby was imminent (although I only told Dave about these signs as I didn't want people to get over excited, and was fed up with well wishers anyway). On the evening of my due date Dave and I went out for dinner, and I chose aubergine parmigganno, as I knew this was the recipe hypnobirthing says can start labour, and this was much better than making it myself. Dave and I really enjoyed our evening and forgot all about the exciting days ahead.

The birth...

At 1am the following day (Friday the 13th no less), I woke up with some strange goings on in my tummy. I wasn't sure if "this was it" or whether it was Braxton hicks (I hadn't had any so far, so wasn't sure). I tried staying in bed and listening to the rainbow relaxation, but I couldn't find a good position to get the breathing going, and I was worried I would wake Dave, so I headed downstairs. I put on the hollyoaks omnibus I had recorded, and every time I felt, what I can only describe as a stretching feeling, I practised the surge breathing and visualised my baby moving down and out of the rose! I slept and watched TV and continued to relax and visualise. Dave came down at 6.30 to go to work, and although I wasn't sure whether this was it, as I wasn't in any pain, I said that maybe he shouldn't go to work.

By 8.30 the waves were coming every 5minutes, but I could only feel it at the base of my tummy, so I didn't know if I should go to hospital. I phoned up, as I thought I would quite like to go in, just to get checked out, but when I phoned, and was able to talk through my contraction, I was told it wasn't time and to continue on at home. I was fine with this as I didn't want to be in the hospital too long, and I definitely didn't want to get sent back if I went in too early. An hour later at 9.30, everything had changed, and with each wave I was feeling an enormous pressure and running to the loo each time as I thought I needed a poo! I got Dave to phone the hospital this time, as I knew it was time to go in, able to speak or not. The midwife told him it was unlikely I was ready, but to come in if I really couldn't cope any more. He was also told to leave our bags in the car as it was likely we would be sent home.

I had rainbow relaxation on my ipod on a loop in the car, interrupted only by the need to give directions to Dave as he had gone a different route from planned! When we got to the hospital I decided to walk to delivery suite, in case the midwife was right, as I thought walking would help get things moving. I was really feeling the urge to push, but thought I was probably over-reacting, and this was reiterated by the look on the midwives faces as they showed me to the delivery room, I got the impression they thought I was a drama queen. I went straight to the toilet, where I thought I had explosive diarrhoea, which I later discovered were my waters breaking!! I threw the ipod across the room as I thought the hypnobirthing wasn't working – this was a big error on my part. The midwife helped me onto the bed, and was shocked to discover I was fully dilated. I had asked for a water birth, but there was no time for that. At this point I switched from hypnobirthing to listening to the midwife, and pushed my baby out. I was using J breathing as well, but my impatience and inexperience got the better of me. Dave was amazing throughout, making me laugh, offering me encouragement, and generally keeping me going. Frankie arrived at 11.46, an hour and 45 after we arrived at the hospital.

The next part of my birth story was by far the most traumatic, I spent the next half an hour being stitched up, the tears I put down to me ditching the hypnobirthing. Dave and Frankie were outside the room, and it was just awful us being parted so soon after the birth, but there was no way I wanted my boys to see me in this state.

So... regrets? Not really, it was quick and pain free until the end. There are things I would do differently next time, I would opt for a home birth and hire a pool to ensure I get the delivery I want. I would also consider having a hypnobirthing practitioner present so she can intervene with the midwife if things go off plan. As I arrived at the hospital so late I don't think anyone read our birth plan, which is quite frustrating now, but I couldn't have cared less at the time. Everyone I share my experience with say how lucky I am to have such an easy delivery, and I simply reply "it's not luck it's hypnobirthing, and a lot of practice and preparation."


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