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Hypnobirthing empowers both mother and father and has the most profound effect on the baby which lasts a lifetime. Learn the confidence and the simplicity of a natural and calm birth. Your body is designed to give birth efficiently and comfortably so that birth can be the most wonderful and empowering experience of your life.

Hypnobirthing is a well-established and well recognised, logical programme with a focus on natural birth. It uses the power of positive language to combine easy to learn methods of deep relaxation, breathing techniques, visualisation and affirmative positive thinking to reduce anxiety, stress, fatigue and fear, and, as a result, also reduce pain.

As part of learning hypnobirthing techniques, you become informed about what happens to your body during labour and birth, giving you the tools to make the best decisions for you in consultation with your medical advisors. This is combined with the important work of releasing your fear and building your confidence.

The result is that you are given back the opportunity and confidence to be in control of your own birthing experience.Hypnobirthing does not promise a perfect outcome or to totally eliminate discomfort, but it does empower you to remain calm and enjoy a positive birthing experience.

"Just a quick message to thank you warmly for the hypnobirthing seminar we had with you. It was really informative, balanced, and in my view had the right mix of sciences, experience, common sense and wisdom. So thank you very much for that. We left the seminar inspired and happy – and with lots to think about! Thank you again!"
- Ian (Father)

Hypnobirthing gives you the tools to be able to make informed choices and the confidence to enact those choices. It helps you to trust your body, your baby and your instinct, which are designed for birth, so that you can enjoy pregnancy and birth without fear and the 'expected' pain. Hypnobirthing mothers often have fewer interventions and fewer drugs.

At your Hypnobirthing class you will be given all the materials you need to continue your practice at home.

Hypnobirthing cannot promise the perfect natural birth, but it teaches you how to have the best birth for you, whatever the circumstances. Often a mother describes a hypnobirthing as the most wonderful and empowering experience of her life.

"My husband and I attended one of your courses, and later went on to experience the most amazing and calm birth of our daughter. It was everything we had hoped for, peaceful, quiet, a really wonderful, amazing but also humbling experience. So first a long overdue 'thank you' for your valuable training and for being the strong, and only, positive inspiration I needed, that childbirth needn't be a frightening and painful experience."
- Helen (Mother)


About Naomi Newland ~ Registered HypnoBirthing® Practitioner

Naomi Newland - HypnoBirth Worthing - HypnoBirthing PractitionerNaomi is a mother of three children (2,4 & 6) who are all growing up too quickly, a wife, a HypnoBirthing teacher and is extremely passionate about positive pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

Alongside the school run and keeping her busy family life in some kind of order, she offers HypnoBirthing classes to prospective parents either from the comfort of her home surroundings in Tarring, Worthing or in customers' own homes.

She is a lucky lady to be able to combine a fulfilling career working with couples to have happier birthing days with the craziness of being at home with her young family. The long commutes and business suits of her previous life are a distant memory although the lessons she learnt from her decade working in sales & marketing have helped her endlessly in raising awareness of the amazing benefits of Hypnobirthing across Sussex!

Naomi's Hypnobirthing journey began back in 2010, when she discovered she was pregnant with her second baby. Having attempted a home birth with her first birth in 2008, she was left with lots of regrets (and stitches in unpleasant places) at not achieving her dream birth. She knew instinctively that things could, and should, have been better for her birth but struggled to know what had been missing. A friend introduced her to Hypnobirthing and as soon as Naomi read the book, she had a "Eureka!" moment as she realised that Hypnobirthing offered her all of the missing tools that she had much needed for her 1st birth. Not only that, but all the theories which supported Hypnobirthing all made so much common sense!

She embraced the Hypnobirthing classes and in the weeks leading up to her birth she and her husband practised the powerful & deep relaxation techniques regularly at home together bonding together with the anticipation and excitement surrounding the impending birth.
On the 5th of February 2010 Naomi experienced the high of her life, with a beautiful, serene, life changing, 5hr birth with only 2 1/2 hours of established labour.
The euphoria that Naomi experienced lasted for days, during which time Naomi decided that she needed to share the knowledge and techniques gained from HypnoBirthing with all pregnant women. So they could realise that birth did not have to be the way "One born every minute" depicts it. Newsflash ladies.... Birth is normal, natural and can be comfortable and joyful! Whoo hoo!

Very soon after her 2nd birth (How she wishes she'd known about Hypnobirthing for her 1st born!) She went on to train as a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner using Mongan Method which she shared with dozens & dozens of couples over a 3 year period. She attended conferences and refreshed her training by re-attending the course to ensure she always delivers the latest information & topics.

In 2013 the local NHS became very interested in adopting more Hypnobirthing practices and Naomi decided to change her teaching method over to use Katherine Graves materials as they were based in the UK and endorsed by the Royal College of Midwifery.

It is a great testament to Hypnobirthing & the wonderful births that midwives have witnessed locally that Naomi was invited to train over 50 midwives in supporting Hypnobirthing couples at the start of 2014. The local NHS trust are now offering Hypnobirthing too which is the best endorsement for the birthing techniques and Naomi is very excited to witness Hypnobirthing become far more mainstream.

Naomi Newland HypnoBirthing Worthing

Naomi has trained a number of local midwives in their pregnancies and their feedback has been that they believe Hypnobirthing should be mandatory as is so helpful to labouring couples.

In July 2011, Naomi experienced her 2nd Hypnobirth (3rd baby) which really taught her about how valuable Hypnobirthing techniques are when all doesn't go to plan. This birth tested all her Hypnobirthing skills to the max as this baby was 10lb! She remains very grateful to the trust in her body that she has learnt through Hypnobirthing that enabled her to birth her baby at home with no damage to her pelvic floor, this time during an 18 hour labour!

Naomi recognises that motherhood is life's greatest challenge and can sometimes be lonely when everyone goes off to work. She loves nothing more than a hot cuppa, a slice of cake and a good chin wag, hence all the popular Hypnobirth Worthing social events that she arranges......
Naomi feels very privileged to be part of couple's preparations for their adventures in family life. She is committed to helping mothers achieve easy, gentle births and feels very strongly about staying in touch with prospective parents in-between finishing their course and their birthing day to help keep positive attitudes and offers a FREE 90 minute refresher session to all her clients close to their EDD.

She is very enthusiastic about raising awareness of Hypnobirthing as many people have a misunderstanding or mysterious view of what Hypnobirthing is all about. She works closely with local midwives, Family centres and baby/pregnancy related businesses to share her love for this amazing way of birthing and educating expectant women. She has also had her pregnancy diary featured in Pregnancy and Birth magazine and various articles printed in The Worthing Herald and a radio interview on Splash FM. She organises and promote Sussex Pregnancy & Baby Fairs & directory to share the abundance of wisdom in the county with as many local people as possible..

Naomi is also very fortunate to have made some wonderful friends on through HypnoBirthing and looks forward to meeting you at one of her monthly FREE Hypnobirthing taster nights or on a HypnoBirth Worthing, West Sussex and beyond course. Click here for more details on the course contents or dates & fees.

Naomi is proud to offers classes in her comfortable, cosy & private family home in Worthing as well offering Hypnobirthing classes in the relaxing surroundings your own home if you prefer within the following areas; Worthing, Brighton, Shoreham, Hove, Bognor, Arundel, Rustington, Littlehampton, Chichester and across East & West Sussex and even Hampshire & Surrey.

For Hypnobirthing Classes in Worthing West Sussex & Beyond contact Naomi Newland

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